Nancy Lanza


First victim – NANCY LANZA – mother of Adam Lanza

Nancy Lanza, mother of Adam and Ryan Lanza, is allegedly Adam Lanza’s first victim, allegedly found dead in her bed at 36 Yogananda St, Newtown. Crime scene photographs are inconsistent with this theory, as the view from the bedroom was from a ground floor bedroom, with the neighbouring hous in the background. Nancy Lanza’s bedroom was on the top floor of their house. The photos show the apeex of the ceiling being towards the right, when the Lanza’s bedroom ceiling apex was in the centre of the room. In addition to this, when anaylisng the bedroom and thw view, it is consistent with the neighbours house at 34 Yoganada St, Newtown, where on the day of December 14, 2012 when the alleged event took place, aerial footage was shown to have no activity at the alleged crime scene at the Lanza home, yet several vehicles parked next door at 34 Yogananda street and tyre tracks across the driveway and the yard.

In addition to this, the Lanza’s neighbours, at 34 Yogananda Street was the home of Mr Trentacosta, bank manager and CEO of the Newtown Savings Bank, the bank that had set up the bank account for the Sandy Hook Fund.

Nancy Lanza NEVER EXISTED – Nancy Lanza is in fact ANNE HADDID

ANNE HADDID is Nancy Lanza

Here is PROOF!