Platform wedges – ugly shoes for incompetent women

Hi everyone, here is the first rant that I posted on Facebook, not realising that some people would actually get offended by a simple comment. What the hell is that about?!? These individuals obviously have insecurities about their lack of coordination, or simply just have bad taste!

I am finding it increasingly difficult to reconcile the justification for why the platform wedge has made a comeback…unless this is 1997 and you are a Spice Girl, it is utterly unacceptable to consider this aesthetic abomination fashionable. The added fact that most girls who choose to wear them cannot walk in them is highly amusing. The only logical conclusion is that wedges were in fact designed for the sole purpose of providing the uncoordinated with an alternative to stilettos, which serve a dual purpose of being aesthetically pleasing and dividing the fashionably skilled from the fashionably challenged.

Any thoughts?