The irony and hypocrisy of Charlotte Dawson’s suicide (Part 1)

This is my first post in relation to this particular topic which makes my blood boil. To paraphrase what will end up as a thesis-length document, to ensure I adequately address the utter disdain I have for this particular individual’s actions is almost impossible, but let me just say that losing a job due to her mental illness affecting the brand she represented, is wrong. I will agree with that. However; what I do not agree with is committing suicide on the basis of being forced to move out of a rented unit simply because the owners of said unit were selling it, and borrowing $80,000 to pay rent arrears for a $1,200 per week apartment,  when having the income of a high profile media personality, IS NOT an excuse to hang yourself with the intent to be discovered by a real estate agent showing the apartment to potential buyers. This is one of the most ridiculously weak, immature, and selfish acts that I have ever heard of.

An anti-bullying advocate who suffers from depression, who then proceeds to commit suicide in the exact way that her bullies suggested she do so, is a weak, pathetic, and ultimately irresponsible individual. I hate to think of how many impressionable people could potentially commit suicide on the basis of her actions,  and this makes her an utterly contemptible person. In addition to this, her depression being the primary cause for her suicide, is an insult to anyone who genuinely suffers from depression, in most cases for more legitimate and severe issues than she had, as from what I am aware she was not physical abused, sexually abused, molested as a child, neglected, or suffering from a terminal illness or disability. In regards to the bullying, if you choose to pursue a career in the media industry, you choose to accept that people will criticise you on a daily basis. This is not only limited to high profile personalities in the media industry, it occurs to everyday people on a daily basis. It is detestable that a self-proclaimed anti-bullying advocate would have absolutely no regard or consideration for the cause and the potential impact it could have on the people affected by the very issues that she so strongly advocated.


The cyber-bullying Twitter tweets that inspired Dawson’s anti-bullying campaign.


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